Cesar Vasquez

Academic Director of the Institute of Training and Development family – IFAMI
Professor of the School of Psychology from the Universidad Privada del Norte

Address: Mz T3, lot 28B, dpto. 301, fifth stage of San Andres, the first Sector, Trujillo, Peru
Email: cesar.vasquez@psicologos.com
Phone: (+ 51) 44 281682, (+ 51) 943004777
Web: http://cesarvasquezolcese.blogspot.com

Cesar is a Peruvian clinical psychologist dedicated to psychotherapeutic practice full time, both in the form of clinical care and in university teaching / graduate.

He has his masters in university teaching. He has received training in systemic family therapy, couples therapy (Counseling Institute of Atlanta, Psicotrec Peru) and Ericksonian hypnosis. Cesar has an international certification in Coaching with NLP by International Coaching Community and a Diploma in therapy and practices narratives by Pranas Chile. He has also carried the master’s degree in systemic family therapy which dictate the school of family therapy at the San Pablo Hospital and the Basque-Navarre School of family therapy together with the Peruvian Centre of family therapy, couple and systemic School of Lima. He is currently attending the international certification in collaborative practices and Dialogic organized by Umansenred/Kanankil.

Cesar’s profession is a psychologist and he describes himself more as a psychotherapist, and framed his practice from social constructionism and the solutions-oriented approach.

He has been the director of the Institute of training and development (IFAMI) scholar and teacher in the Universidad Privada del Norte is introducer and diffuser of these approaches in the Peru for ten years.

Co-Director of the training in systemic short-centered therapy solutions in different cities of the country, Cesar has participated as a speaker in various academic events within and outside Peru, presenting seminars, conferences and workshops that disseminate the postmodern ideas and social constructionism. He also conducts research under this approach on issues of couple and family psychotherapy.

Cesar publishes the blog “minimalist therapy. “A vision poststructuralist and posmoderna therapy” where he reflects on the psychological and psychotherapeutic work.