Ana Iaquinandi

Private Practice
Catalonia, Spain

Ana is a psychologist (COPC 21170) and psychotherapist. She was born in Argentina. Her personal background has greatly contributed to her world vision and her appreciation for variety and diversity. She actually lives in a small, 100,000 inhabitant town in Catalonia, North-Eastern Spain, together with her two children.

She graduated with her degree in Psychology in 2013, having previously worked within different professional environments. During her professional development, she got in touch with the Social Constructionism theories. She felt them as intriguing and involving, and working in this “modern world”, this helped her to shift the focus she put on her own discomforts, giving shape to her doubts. Thinking of how we build our knowledge in relation and conversation, she followed her curiosity (as a great companion in her life since ever, and as a very important part of the energy that moves her and motivates her) to get to know more and to meet people linked to Social Constructionism, talking to them and joining conversations.

The path she followed that focused on how we are together with the people with whom we work, in the psychotherapy field (and also in daily life), led her to achieve the International Certificate in Collaborative and Dialogical Practices, in 2014 (Taos Institute, Houston Galveston Institute, Instituto Kanankil, Umans en Red) as well as the training in narrative practices and community work, in 2015 (Master Degree in Narrative Therapy and Community Work, University of Extremadura, Spain).

She is interested in all stories, and how we share them with others and ourselves, and also in the meanings that people build and create in order to talk about everything, and how all of this constructs the multiples selves that we are. She likes working on issues related to the identities, women, gender constructions, social justice, community, mental health, … but above all, she likes to work and talk about the everyday things, the daily life.

In her private practice she is searching and exploring many different ways to work with people and communities including respect, ethics and the multiplicity of voices.

She is a member of the Board and co-founder of the Spanish Association of Collaborative and Dialogic Practices (En diálogo).

She is a member of AETEN (Spanish Association of Narrative Therapy)