Corina Ahlers, PhD

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Corina Ahlers, PhD, is a systemic therapist, supervisor and trainer in Austria. Born 1958 in Sta. Cruz de Tenerife she finished High School, leaving Spain in 1975. She studied psychology in Vienna and completed a psychotherapeutical training in group dynamics, systemic family therapy and psychoanalysis. The last one she did not finish. After working for 20 years at the Marriage and Family Therapy Institute of the city of Vienna, she founded a center of competence for dealing with separation of and rebuilding families. Patchwork identity and “feeling at home” are main issues in Corina’s work with multicultural people.

Corina represented Austria at the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA) and was a president of the Austrian Association for Systemic Therapy and Systemic Studies (ÖAS), in which now she is coordinating training programs and research activities. She also lectures and supervises students at the Sigmund Freud Private University of Vienna (SFU).

Recently, Corina has been hosting Syrian refugees at her house, encountering their culture and helping them to understand the new country they live in. She is writing daily notes on her experiences with them, trying to make relational research from a self reflexive position.

Interests of hers include: methodical and theoretical discussions in family therapy, training and research, family separation and rebuilding, multicultural aspects in psychotherapy, the refugee movement in Europe.

Sampling Publications: 


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