Taos Ph.D. Program Completed Dissertations

For a complete list of dissertation subjects please refer to the list below.

Nelvia Victoria Lugo Agudelo – Disarmed Warriors: Narratives with Youth Ex-Combatants in Colombia

Irene Giovanni Aguilar – Peace Education in Colombia: A Social Constructionist Perspective

Rob Anderson – Authenticity and Architecture: Representation and Reconstruction in Context

Gita Baack – An Exploration of Resilience in the Generation After the Holocaust: Implications for Secondary Inheritors of Trauma, Displacement and Disastrous Events

Tahereh Barati Bagherabad – Towards Relational Becoming! An Investigation On Conflict Narratives

Susanne Lucie Bauer – Dialogues for Knowledge and Development: The Case of International Development Cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Virginia Belden-Charles – The Sustainability of a Woman’s Leadership Organization

Michele Benton – Executive Women: Creating a Good Life in a World of Social Saturation

Madelyn Blair – A Conversation on Gender – Women and Men Working in International Organizations: Using Research as a Catalyst to Address the Issues of Women

Kristin Bodiford – Choppin’ it Up: Youth-Led Dialogues for Positive Change

Shelly Bonnah – Children’s Responses to Violence: Resisting Misunderstanding

Bella Borwick – A Hidden Child: Identity and Reconstructed Self: A Quest for Transparency in Psychotherapy

Glenn Boyd – It Takes a Community: A Study of Supervision in the Our Lady of the Lake University-Houston M.S. in Psychology Program 

Margot Brink – Stories of Migration: From Here to There and Back … and the Stuff in-between 

Mary Canel – University Freshmen Views of Title IX Mandate

Yuan-Chin Chang – Reconstructing HIV- Serodiscordant Couples Relationships Relational Understanding for HIV and Serodiscordant Couples in Taiwan

Kathleen Clark – Bringing Dialogue and Collaborative Law to Health Care

Kevin Clouthier – A Complex Responsive Processes Perspective of Meaning-Making and Change in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Heather Coburn – Together After Infidelity: A Relational Story of Moving Forward

Lafe Coppola – Stealing Minutes: A Tri-Study of Reconstructing Self-Care for Mental Health Professionals Using Research As Daily Practice, Case Study, and Grounded Theory

Sandra Cottingham – Implementing the Mandate of Inclusion for Students with Special Needs: A Model for Moving From Concept to Action

Ellen Crump – Girls “Falling Off” Therapeutic Practices that Matter

Kelly J. Swauger Cummings – Reconstructing Nurses’ Relationships with Older Patients

Patricia Da Silva – “The Other”: A Look Into Concurrent Relationships From Women’s Perspectives In Luanda Angola 

Sandra Davidson – The Experiences of Novice Nursing Faculty: A Complexity Perspective

Karen Dawson – Leadership from the File Room to the Board Room: A Grounded Theory Inquiry into the Influences of a Leadership Development Program on Participants

Nick Dayton – Integrating Problem-Based Business Improvement Methods with Strengths-Based Constructionist Methods

Deborah Ellen Deeter – Walking The Grief Journey With Siblings Aged 60 Years And Older

Janice DeFehr – Transforming Encounters and Interactions: A Dialogical Inquiry Into the Influence of Collaborative Therapy in the Lives of its Practitioner, 2008

Garbine Delgado – Past relationships: making the most of them. Conversations about the influence of our past relationships on the relational being

Christine Dennstedt – The Interplay of Substance Misuse and Disordered Eating Practices in the Lives of Young Women: Implications for Narrative Therapeutic Practice 

Janet Derrick – KAHWÀ:TSIRE*: Indigenous Families in a Family Therapy Practice with the Indigenous Worldview as the Foundation

Meera Dhebar – Queered Love in the Therapeutic Space

Mille Themsen Duvander – Organic Growth: Balancing Lifegiving Learning Processes in the Profession of Appreciative Inquiry Practitioners

Jeff Fifield – How Might Appreciative School Leadership Meet the Needs of the 21st Century Schools? An Initial Inquiry 

Diego Tapia Figueroa – How Social Construction and Collaborative and Dialogical Practices are Useful for The Relational Co-Construction of a Therapeutic Training and Supervision Space? 

Anna Margrete Flåm – “I need your eyes to see myself”: on the inclusion of dialogues and an otherness of the other into psychology and clinical work : explored through studies of contexts where children live with violence in close relationships

Alan Gardiner – Creating Opportunities for Inclusive Education: A Story of Collaboration Involving the Kenanow Bachelor of Education Program and Their Partners in Northern Manitoba

Liesbeth Gerritsen – Metaphors of the Organization: Discourse in Public and Private Worlds

Karen Gold – Reading (and Writing) Between the Lines: Narrative as Relational Resource for Alternative Stories of Healthcare Practice

Laine Goldman – The Migrant Creative: U.S. Media Freelancers at the Border of a Changing Work Culture

Sheila Haji – The Shadow Side of Positive Organizational Change

Maureen Ellen Hakala – Sports and Children with Special Needs: Socially Constructed Experiences of Volunteers

Sherry Harsch-Porter – Education as Possibility: Coaching for Persistence 

Bjørn Hauger – Smart Upbringing: Co-Creating Cultural Change Through Future Forming Research

Carol Lorraine Hedtke – Folding Memories in Conversation: Remembering Practices in Bereavement Groups 

François Héon – A Study of The Yin and Yang Model of Leadership for Individual and Collective Leadership Development 

David Anderson Hooker – Performing Greensboro: Using Foucauldian Analysis to Deconstruct ‘Trouble in Mind’ and Generate Alternative Community Narratives

Lucie Hornová – Co-Therapy and a Dialogical Approach- an Inspiration from Scandinavian Countries

Carsten Hornstrup – Strategic Relational Leadership – Building Organizational Capacity to Change

Jan Inglis – A Commons Paradigm: Co-Constructing a New Set of Relations amongst Ourselves and with the Earth

Kathy Isaacson – Human Difference and Creation of Better Social Worlds: An Autoethnography

Jody Jacobson – Transforming “Accidental Adversaries” Dynamics in Client Systems and Ourselves

Randy Janzen – From War to Peace: The Reintegration Experience of Guatemalan Ex-Combatants: A Grounded Theory Inquiry

Kara Kaufman – Crossroad Moments with my Self: Conversation, Perspective, and Choice Through Social Constructionism

Michael Anthony Keane – Undercurrents Of The Changes To Work That Automation Brings

David John Kenkel – Placing People in Time

Anne-Mette Korczynski – Performance. A Social Constructionist Way in the Second Language Classroom

Erin Kreeger – “It’s All About Well-being, eh?” Mindfulness of what we’re making in our Ph.D. Ecologies

Lesley Lahaye and Larry Espe – Co-creating Schools of the Future: Approaching Change in a Canadian Public School System Through Appreciative Inquiry

C. McKenna Lang – International Ombudsing: Navigating Discursive Channels

Paul Leslie – Narratives of Learning: The Portfolio Approach

Yossi Tal & Itzik Lichtenfeld – Transferring the Aviation Risk Management Model (ARMM) into an Ambulatory Healthcare Organization

Kate Lindley – The Social Construction of A Mother’s Identity Amidst the Confluence of Motherhood Discourses

Gro Emmertsen Lund – Making Exclusionary Processes in Schools Visible 

Frances Elizabeth Lyon-Dugin
 – Re-Creation in the Age of Wisdom: Involuntary Job 

Kon Kornelio Madut – Help Not Wanted: (Un) Employment Experiences of Visible Minority Migrants in the City of Ottawa, Canada

Samuel Mahaffy – Relational Presence: The Spatiality of Breakthrough Decision Making Through a Relational Constructionist Lens

Richard Manley-Tannis – From Suspicion to Reparation through a Relational Practical Theology: Transforming The United Church of Canada

Joan Francisca Marques and Satinder Kumar Dhiman – Buddhist Psychology in the Workplace: A Relational Perspective Ph.D. Program

Don McCown – Exploring (and Expanding) the Ethical Dimensions of Mindfulness in Clinical Practice (and Beyond)

Stephanie Ann McCune – Privileging Voices of Parents Influenced by their Adolescent’s Relationship with Substances: Interpretive Description of Generative Dialogue in a Collaborative Group Process

Kathie McKinnon – Intertwining Hope, Strengths, and Resistance as Transformative: Women’s Verbal and Visual Narratives

Rodney Merrill – Who Writes and About Whom in Personal Narrative?

Philip Merry – Synchronicity and Leadership

Patricia Miller – Couples Living with HIV: Gatherings, Dialogue and Community Action 

Bonnie Milne – Creating Social Capital Inspiring Stories Of Emirati Women

Sidney Allen Moore – Practices of Relational Leadership in Action Learning Teams

Elizabeth Morrison – Reconstructing the Role of the Medical Receptionist

Tom Myers – The Emergent Synchronicity Principle in Appreciative Inquiry: Seeing the Connections

Jerry Nagel– Art of Hosting Worldview

Ottar Ness– Learning New Ideas and Practices Together 
A Co-operative Inquiry Into Learning to Use Johnella Bird’s Relational Language-making Approach in Couples Therapy

Deb Nathan – Developing Relational Resilience: Engaging Youth Living in the Midst of Intractable Conflict.

Tri Nguyen – A Decolonizing Analysis of Multicultural Competence Counseling Approaches

Franklin Olson – Social Constructionism in Community Development in the Spring Branch, Memorial Community of Houston, Texas

Maria Camila Ospina – Children in the Context of Armed Conflict:
From Victimization to Peace Promoting Narratives

Doug Shadel and Karla Pak – The Psychology of Consumer Fraud

Tzofnat Peleg-Baker – Contextual-Relational Considerations for Transforming Conflict

Peggy Penn – Joined Imaginations

Elaine Beth Peresluha – IN THE MIDDLE: A Comparison of the Limitations and Opportunities of an Individualist Ministerial Stance and a Relational Ministerial Stance, March 2010

Ivan Alexander Pupulidy – The Transformation of Accident Investigation From Finding Cause to Sensemaking

Teresa Quintana Püschel – “Construcción de Significados en un Mundo Relacional desde las Posibilidades de Cada Persona”

Naomi B. Rather – Collaboration Across Disciplines in a Private Practice Healthcare Setting

Ronald Reidy – Relational Leading Practices in a Project Team: An Exploratory Case Study Of Organizational Communication

Vikki Reynolds – Doing Justice as a Path to Sustainability in Community Work

Susan Kay Riva-Mossman – Conflict Narratives: Mediation Case Studies in an Intercultural Context

Leticia Rodriguez – Dialogues With Young Women, Family Home Mothers and Professionals on Collaborative Working Processes With Adolescents Separated From Their Families

Shayamal Kumar Saha – Promotion of Self-help in Development & Social Change Constructing Non Subject-Object Processes

Colin James Sanders – Narrative Poetics of Resistance: Towards An Aesthetics of Engagement

Loek Schoenmakers – Sustainable Educational Change is Being in Relation: Based on the Insights of the I Believe in You! Process

Tobias Raphael Schüth – Appreciative Principles and Appreciative Inquiry in the Community Action for Health Programme in Kyrgyzstan

Jane Seiling – Moving from Individual to Constructive Accountability

Marvin Shaub – Transitions in Acculturation: The Psycho-Social Adjustments of American Immigrants

Stephen Shimshock – Open Source Evaluation: Transforming the Evaluator and the Evaluand from Roles to Participatory Actions

Jeff St. John – Pacing the Cage: An Autoethnographic ‘Showing and Telling’ of Fathering in Fierce Landscapes

Siva Subramanien – Enhancing the Well Being of Older People in Mauritius

Lisa K. Sydow – Careering: Generating a Path from Uncertainty to Discovery

Dora Adolfina Ayora Talavera – Tell-tale stories About a Dissertation: Teaching and Research as Human Activities

Aileen Tierney – Dialogue: A Connection of Roots and Branches

Julie Tilsen – Resisting Homonormativity: Therapeutic Conversations with Queer Youth

Nubia Torres – Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Analysis of an Inquiry-Intervention of their Experiences

Arne Vestegaard – Non-Determinist Vocabularies of Coping with Complex Conditions for Managing Projects, Development and Change in Organizations (2005)

Myra Virgil – The Relational Realisation of Policy in Practice: Negotiating a Narrative Community of Race, Gender and Other Privileged Identities

Bill Blaine Wallace – A Pastoral Psychology of Lament Pastoral Method-Priestly Act-Prophetic Witness

Jacqueline Walters – Encouraging Learning in Rural Mexico from a Relational Approach


Cara Weston-Edell – Collaborative International Projects: Innovations, Practices, and Outcomes

Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius – Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius

Lorri A. Yasenik – Including the Voices of Children of Separation and Divorce in the Legal System

Navid J. Zamani – Domestic Violence Epistemology and its Effects on Couples’ Counselors

Jorge Zumaeta – The Cool Entrepreneurship Program for At-Risk Youth: An Illustration of the Social Construction of Economic Thinking