Jackie Glasgow

An Appreciative Inquiry Case Study: Recognizing the Positive Core of Teachers in a Low SES Elementary School tht Met Standard of Excellence

by Jackie Glasgow, Ph.D.
Wichita State University
Educational Leadership
Month/Year of Graduation: May 2008

Teachers are held accountable for students to achieve and sustain a level of accountability to meet the requirements of AYP. This study describes the successful teaching practices of teachers and the ecological conditions of the practices in a SOE school through the theoretical perspectives of AI and capacity building. A qualitative case study of teachers and their principal in a low SES elementary school used semi-structured paired interviews, focus groups, and participant created documents to collect data. There were five salient findings. Implications for praxis encourage interpersonal interactions with students founded on beliefs that promote student success. Successful teaching practices in a SOE school can shift the criticisms of school reform to a positive image when using an AI process.