Carlos Alexis Chimpén López, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of the University of Extremadura, Spain. Faculty of Nursing and Occupational Therapy
Avenida de la Universidad s/n 10003
Cáceres, Spain.
Phone: 927257450 Ext. 51282.

President of the Spanish Association of Narrative Therapy
Calle Ronda del Carmen, 35, Bajo H, 10002
Cáceres, Spain
Phone: 927260197

Carlos Alexis Chimpén López was born and raised in Salamanca, Spain. He is married to Soledad Sagrado and has 2 children, Daniel and Loida. Carlos has worked in the University of Salamanca (Spain) in the Adventist River Plate University in Argentina and now is working in Cáceres for the last 6 years ago. He studied in Salamanca and in Adelaide, Australia where he received his Master´s degree in Narrative Practice and Community Work by the Melbourne University. Carlos’ first contact with Narrative Practice was in 1998 in Salamanca where he was supervised by Inmaculada Ochoa de Alda, who introduced him to this wonderful and respectful way to do therapeutic conversations. When he returned to Spain after working in Argentina (2010), Carlos founded the Spanish Narrative Therapy Association. Now he is the director of the first and unique Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work in Spanish. His main interest lies in how to link Narrative Practice with the social Constructionist perspective.