Hen Wilkinson, M.Sc.

Director, Community Resolve
The Netherlands

Email: hen.wilkinson@bristol.ac.uk
Skype: hen.bristol1
Web: www.communityresolve.com

 Hen Wilkinson, co-founder and director of Community Resolve since in 2001, had a full and varied career in both the public and private sectors before training as a community, workplace and special educational needs mediator in the 1990s. Since then, she has worked as a conflict trainer, facilitator and lecturer in conflict transformation theory and practice, applying ideas from around the globe to local and organizational practice. Her key interest in bridging theory and practice has led to ongoing work both as a practitioner and as an academic. In 2012, she was an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) 3rd Sector Knowledge Exchange Fellow in partnership with the University of West of England. She is currently completing an ESRC-funded PhD at the University of Bristol on the challenges of maintaining positive social relations in the face of local turbulence, while developing digital resources around issues of conflict and resilience through Community Resolve (www.communityresolve.com).

 Community Resolve (www.communityresolve.com) is an organization rooted in a decade of practice in Bristol in building positive team, organization and community relations. Their work with UK community tensions starts from an understanding of non-violent conflict as an inevitable part of human relationships, and full of potential for creative development. This approach challenges individuals to recognize their own part in their interactions, and to build on their own experiences to turn insight into action. Community Resolve forms a bridge between theory and practice, with long-standing collaborations with the University of the West of England and other universities and organizations around the UK