Taos Institute Ph.D. Program

Beginning in the year 2000, the Taos Institute has, through its collaboration with several European universities, offered a Ph.D. program.  While we are sad to announce the termination of this program, we are proud of the important contributions made by those who participated and we are grateful to our collaborating partners in Europe.  As of January 2023, 131 people have received their Ph.D. with a dozen more in the final stages of completion.  The topics and issues examined include education, organizational life, leadership, community development, healthcare, therapy, and more (see completed dissertations).  The dissertations that emerged from our program are innovative, using social construction as an orientation as well as unique and creative research methods.  Each dissertation offers generative resources for improving our social and relational lives within various contexts.  We invite you to peruse our collection of dissertations.  You may be inspired to initiate some of the relational practices described in your own workplace or personal life.  We applaud all who have earned a Ph.D. and look forward to the catalytic ideas each inspires.

Diploma in Social Construction and Professional Practice

If you wish to study with the Taos Institute, we encourage you to explore the Taos Institute International Diploma in Social Construction and Professional Practice.

This independent study program leads to a final project or paper and a Diploma and is for learners who are interested in studying social construction and how it shapes and informs our work and our world. Learners in this program do not need to submit to the rigors and restrictions of the academically oriented Ph.D. program. However, they do want to learn alongside a thought-partner, in this case a Taos Institute Advisor, and within an international learning community. For information visit our Diploma program page.