Dina Mousteri, D.E.S.S.

(Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Spécialisée), Université Lyon 2
Family psychotherapist, Systemic psychotherapist
18 Tombazis Street Flat 201 Nicosia 1055, Cyprus

Email: dmousteri@cytanet.com.cy
Phone: 0035 722343291

Ms Mousteri is a Clinical Psychologist and Scientific Coordinator of the Individual and Family Therapy Centre within the Cyprus Mental Health Services. She is involved in training and supervision on clinical practice and psychotherapeutic interventions. She is a founding member and holds positions on the board of a number of Civil Society Organizations engaged in Mental Health issues and Psychotherapy. She is one of the founding members of the Peace Centre. She is a trainer in Conflict Resolution methodologies. She has published many papers on Mental Health, particularly on Systemic and Family Therapy.

Dina Mousteri practiced psychotherapy under supervision from 1979 to 1982 in the context of her employment at the Cyprus Mental Health Services in addition to her work as clinical psychologist. In 1982 she started her training in family therapy and began working with individuals, families and couples.

She has contributed in the development of a training model of self-education in systemic family therapy for mental health professionals which consisted, mainly, of a series of intensive seminars in Systemic Psychotherapy, conducted by different visiting trainers, some of them being of international reputation.

During the years 80’s and 90’s she studied systemic psychotherapy with the Milan School of Family Therapy, and received scholarships for Short Term Intensive Courses in Brief Systemic Psychotherapy and Supervision in London, USA and Toulouse.

One of her most significant contributions in the development of Systemic Psychotherapy was the organization of a two – year part time training course for mental health professionals run by the Tavistock Clinic in collaboration with the Cyprus Mental Health Services between 1994 and 1998 in which she participated as course coordinator, local tutor and as member of the advanced study and peer supervision group.

She became increasingly involved in teaching, supervision and systemic-level consultation to professionals and professional groups and students, especially after her appointment, in 2006, as Scientific Coordinator of the Individual and Family Psychotherapy Centre.

She has given a great number of lectures and presentations and conducted workshops in local and International Conferences on topics related to systemic approach.

From April 2010 to December 2011 she set up a training course for professionals within the Mental Health Services on the topic of Brief Dialogical Psychotherapy based on a training model which she developed herself.

She is founding member and President, since 2007, of the Cyprus Society of Family Therapy, the National Organization member of the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA) and she is a UKCP Registered member since August 2009.

Summary of titles and memberships:

  • Registered Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor (Reg. No 0074)
  • UKCP Registered Psychotherapist (membership number: 09160766)
  • E.F.T.A. CIM Member
  • Conflict Resolution Trainer
  • Honorary President and Scientific Consultant of the Movement for Rehabilitation and Promotion Of Mental Health (?????)
  • Member of the Disciplinary Board of the Council for the Professional Registration of Psychologists.
  • Founding member of Cyprus Society of Systemic Studies.
  • Founding member in 2001, vice president in 2001-2007 and president since 2007, of the Cyprus Society of Family Therapy (CYSOFT)