Elizabeth M. Day

60 Forest Hill Road
London SE22 0RS


Dr. Elizabeth M. Day is a systemic psychotherapist, an artist, a writer, a supervisor, an educator, a queer activist, a carer and someone who is living with cancer. She is excited by social constructionist ideas, research and new ways of doing systemic inquiry. Dr. Day has worked in schools, hostels, social services and the NHS. She is committed to improving services and making things happen. Her belief is in working collaboratively and putting the voices of clients at the centre of the development of services.  

Selected presentations and papers:

  • Day, E.M. & Dooman, R. (1998). Helping Children Talk. Child Health Dialogue and AIDS Action. Issue 42.

  • Day, E.M. (1999). Workshop at the 4th Psychosocial Impact of AIDS Conference in Ottawa. Stories told by a group of African children affected by HIV.

  • Workshop, March 1999, Fair Treatment at Work. ALGBP Europe Annual Conference, Lesbians and Gay Men in the Workplace, Hamburg, Germany

  • Day, E.M., Hart, D. & Hamudji, B. (2000) Child Protection and HIV Good Practice guidelines www.lbhf.gov.uk

  • Day, E.M., Dooman, R. & Jones, S. (2001) Poster presentation at the 5th Psychosocial Impact of AIDS Conference in Brighton. An Evaluation of a groupwork project with children affected by HIV.

  • Day, E. (2002). Mummy cheetah and her babies. Script adapted for Farm Radio. www.farmradio.org

  • 2003 Presentation during the Queer Keynote at the International Narrative Therapy and Community work conference in Liverpool.

  • Day, E.M. (2009). Using therapeutic letters. Context 101, pp 15-17.

  • Day, E., Heismann, E. & Spyrou M.  (2007). Non-violent Resistance: guidelines for parents of children or adolescents with violent or destructive behaviours. Dartford: Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust.

  • Day, E.M. & Heismann, E. (2010). Non-violent Resistance Programme. Hove: Pavilion Publishing.

First International NVR conference 7 & 8 April 2011 Greenwich:

  1. Plenary presentation, Elizabeth Day, Elisabeth Heismann and Oxleas NVR parents: Developing mutual support among parents – the multi-family group parent training programme at Oxleas Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

  2. Workshop, Elizabeth Day, Oxleas NHS Trust: Life-threatening situations – working with multidisciplinary systems to create positive outcomes.

  3. Plenary Panel – main speakers, Haim Omer, Uri Weinblatt, Peter Jakob, Barbara Ollefs, Elizabeth Day and parent representatives discuss the delegates’ feedback. Participating moderator: Jim Wilson

2012 Individual interview in the DVD Oxleas NVR: conference films and interview

Workshop, September 2013, Non-violent resistance: the performance of hope and resilience. AFT Conference, London, UK

Workshop, July 2014, Non-violent resistance: living moments in the performance of hope and love. Systemic Gathering, Huntingdon, UK

Presentation, November 2014, Messages from research. NVR UK conference, London UK

Day, E.M. and Flores Acqueveque, G. (2014) Non-violent resistance: a community-group programme for Latin American families. Context, 132, pp 32-33.

Presentation, February 2015, London AFT Cinema Evening, Exploring how genograms could be adapted to avoid privileging binary gender identities and heterosexual relationships.

Solarin, N., Cavanagh, L., Barrett, A., Khanom, N. & Day, E. (2015) Systemic Film Evenings. Context, 141, pp 23-24.

Workshop, November 2015, “We know more than we can tell” (Polanyi, 1966): using our creative abilities in research. First Systemic Research Conference. University of Bedfordshire.

Association of Family Therapy Eileen Jamieson Memorial Workshop, May 2016, New conversations about gender.

Presentation February 2017, Including the voice of the researcher in qualitative inquiry European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Leuven, Belgium

Presentation, April 2017, Do painters like people, and does it matter? Bedfordshire International Systemic Spring School, Lake District

Presentation, July 2017, Performative autoethnography – managing uncertainty. London Association of Family Therapy AGM

Day, Elizabeth (2017). ­Picturing the Graig: a rich portrait of the construction of loss and remembrance. Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice, 1 (1) 67-78.  

Presentation February 2018, Creative Research slot: Becoming a carer, making space for multiple voices and connections. European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Leuven, Belgium

Pop up slot with Gail Simon, February 2018, Write a paper in 45 minutes. European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Leuven, Belgium

Workshop with Gail Simon, February 2018, Creating dialogical pop up spaces. European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Leuven, Belgium

Writing workshop with Gail Simon, September 2018, Association of Family Therapy Annual Conference, Manchester.