Matthew Moehle, Ph.D.

P.O Box 4147
Burlington, VT 05406

Phone: (802) 557-0157

Matthew R. Moehle, Ph.D. brings his passion for Appreciative Inquiry and other strengths-based approaches to his work with formal and informal education, learning systems, and applications of educational psychology. A former public school teacher, he has particular interests in creating and enhancing sustainable learning systems, fostering lifelong learning, embedding strengths-based youth development into school systems, and enabling multigenerational teaching and learning. He works with schools, universities, and other organizations on a variety or topics, from designing Appreciative Inquiry Summits and strategic planning to professional development and strengths-based data-driven decision-making. He also works with individuals, including coaching youth on college and career planning and providing strengths-based professional coaching for adults. In addition to his independent work, Matthew is an Assistant Professor at Kent State University where he teaches in the Masters of Arts in Music Education program and works to develop the Professional Development School in the College of Education at Morehead State University.

Matthew completed his doctorate as a Hixson-Lied Fellow at the University of Nebraska where he focused on the application of strengths-based approaches in Teaching, Curriculum, and Learning and in Educational Administration. He earned his Master of Arts degree from Case Western Reserve University where he first started to blend Appreciative Inquiry with teaching and learning. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from Ohio Wesleyan University.