Neena Verma, Ph.D., PCC

30 Kailash Kunj Apartments
Greater Kailash 1
New Delhi – 110048, India

Phone: +91-9910021187

Neena works as a Consultant and Coach for deep growth and transformation at individual and systemic levels. Her engagement approach is essentially constructivist, honoring the value of relationships, communication, collaborative inquiry, emergent wisdom, and co-created learning journeys. She specializes in deep transformative coaching for individual, leadership and systemic growth. Neena is a scholarly practitioner and educator of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). She is passionate about developing process frameworks that promote application of AI, Logotherapy, JUNGian Depth Psychology & Compassion-Focussed Therapy for individual & systemic growth. 

Neena is an acknowledged ‘Grief & Growth’ Specialist and ‘Resilience, Life-Purpose, Transitions & Therapeutic Writing’ Coach & Facilitator. She is passionate about serving the cause of inclusive education for socio-economically underprivileged children. She runs a self-funded endeavor in India that serves the cause through a library movement, scholarships & non-formal integrative education. It is her high dream to see a book in every under-served child’s hand. 

Her education and credentials include: Alumna of coveted Delhi School of Economics (Ph.D., M.Phil. with Distinction, and M.Com. with University Prize), University of Delhi; PCC credential from the International Coaching Federation; Certified in ‘Grief Therapy as Meaning Reconstruction’ from Portland Institute for Loss & Transition; Certified in ‘CFT for Grief’ from Compassionate Mind Foundation; Certified Executive Coach from Coaching Foundation India; NTL Institute Professional Member; and Qualified MBTI Professional. Neena has served on the International Advisory Council of successive World AI Conferences in 2019, 2015 & 2012. 

An author of two books (Grief, Growth, Grace – A Sacred Pilgrimage and A mother’s cry a mother’s celebration) and several articles, Neena also serves on the Editorial Board of the AI Practitioner (International Journal for Appreciative Inquiry) where apart from contributing articles and book-appreciations, she has also designed and lead-edited the Feb 2013, Nov 2016 and May 2020 issues.