Joanna Levitt Cea

Stanford University Global Projects Center
Yang & Yamazaki Energy & Environment (Y2E2) Bldg, 
473 Via Ortega, Suite 242
Stanford, CA 94305-4020                                                                                                                            
Phone: 1(415) 604-2986  
Joanna Levitt Cea is currently a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University’s Global Projects Center researching the intersection of innovation, design, and decolonization.  Her and her co-author Jess Rimington are leading a four year interdisciplinary research initiative exploring methodologies that lead to groundbreaking innovation that outperforms the dominant social paradigm, in that they present solutions that work for all, rather then remain trapped in the current status quo of institutionalized inequity. She is also Director of the Bien Vivir Fund at Thousand Currents (