Francisco Jose Vadillo Atoche

It is with sadness that share the loss of Francisco Vadillo, our friend Paco, who died on Oct. 25, 2016. 

He was born February 1, 1970 in Mexico City as the first of four sons in a traditional family. His father is a physician with a post grade in Histopathology, and mother a very good house keeper. They moved to Merida, in Yucatan State in 1973 where he studied elementary school, junior high and high school in a catholic school, Centro Universitario Montejo. He studied two years as bachelors in Medicine in the state University (Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan) and changed to the field of psychology. In 1994, he completed his bachelors degree in Psychology in a catholic university, “Universidad Anahuac  Mayab” . In 1997, he obtained a scholarship for a Master degree in Family and Couple Therapy at the same University. During his bachelor years he assisted a Seminar of Lacanian-Psychoanalytic approach getting in touch with social constructionism ideas, and through de postmodern models of systemic therapy, he began to develop his interest in Harlene Anderson’s Collaborative Approach and Tom Andersen’s approach, still his very centre of attention. From 1994 until 2003, he worked in the Psychiatric Hospital, in the Children and Adolescent Unit and changed in 2004 to the Mental Health Bureau of the government, where he worked with Mayan communities.

In 1996, he opened his private practice and since 2004 he was a partner of the Kanankil Institute-team with Dora Ayora and Rocio Chaveste. In 2004, he began to supervise Family Therapists from his University and supervised in therapy to students of State University and Kanankil Institute.

Since 1998, he had gone every year to the Summer Institute organized by The Houston Galveston Institute and Campos Eliseos and this, with the support and friendship of Harlene Anderson, Sylvia London, Irma Rodriguez, Sally St. George, Dan Wulff, Margarita Tarragona and Elena Fernandez had been one of the most important experiences in his professional life.