Giovanna C. Doricci, Ph.D.

Coordinator, teacher and supervisor
Instituto ConversAções
R. Professor Alonso Ferraz, 81.
Alto da Boa Vista. Ribeirão Preto-SP. CEP: 14025-530.

Phone: +55 16 98176-7508

Giovanna C. Doricci, Ph.D., is a psychologist since 2009. She has experience in the areas of Organizational Psychology, Public Health and Family Therapy. She completed her Masters Degree in 2014 and her doctoral degree in 2018 at the Laboratory of Research and Studies in Group Practices (LAPEPG) (2012-2018) at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Her research focuses on the following themes: communication, social constructionism, the social construction of organizational culture in public health context, teamwork and co-management. During her Master’s studies, in 2013, she was a visiting scholar at the University of New Hampshire under the supervision of Sheila McNamee. Dr. Doricci is also a conflict mediator, since 2010, and a family therapist, since 2017. She currently works as supervisor and professor in an Institute of mediation and family therapy in Brazil, and as a coordinator of professional’s groups in the public health system.


  1. The relational expert in family therapy oriented by a social constructionist epistemology (co-authored with Laura Crovador and Pedro P. S. Martins).

  2. The Articulator of Primary Health Care Program: an innovative proposal for qualification of Primary Health Care (co-authored with Carla Guanaes-Lorenzi and Maria José P. Bistafa).

  3. Articulators of Primary Care Program: building humanization through dialogue (co-authored with Carla Guanaes-Lorenzi and Maria José P. Bistafa).