Per Møller Janniche

Director, Executive Coaching and Sparring AS3 Executive

Fanøgade 15

DK-2100 København Ø


Mobile: +45 3085 2356

Skype: pmj-as3



Per is director for a business unit working with Executive coaching and sparring to top management in both private and public sector. The unit is a part of AS3 Executive. AS3 is a Danish founded company working with the ambition to be the Nordic region’s leading and most respected organization in Job Transition Management. Global AS3 have a close cooperation with Lee Hect Harrison. Per is responsible for developing the services in relation to executive coaching, building the organization and competencies, sales management and coach the executives myself. The unit delivers 1:1 and team coaching, facilitation and training services, and aim for creating a strong and unique environment for executive coaching.

Per worked from 2006 – 15 as consultant, Business manager and director in Attractor, a part of Rambøll Management Consulting (RMC). Attractor is a well-known systemic and social constructionist based consultancy community with a long experience working within the field of leadership- and organizational development, transformations, communication etc. Attractor has for a long time been in a close cooperation with the Taos institute with a yearly Summer University as the most significant example. As director Per was in front of developing and transforming the organization into a more cooperative and full service approach with new strategies, new ways of working with our systemic approach in cooperation with the more RMC classical approach to consultancy, developing the market etc. Per has comprehensive experiences working as consultant within the field of leadership and organizational development. He has worked at all levels, and with both teaching, coaching, process consultation and counseling. Further he has published in several books and articles, but all in Danish.

Per has the first 20 years of the working life worked in the public sector with educational planning and teaching, evaluation, curriculum development and environmental and health issues both local in a municipality and national at ministry level. Internationally he has worked as a representative for the Danish Government in EU in relation to Environmental Education, and he has also worked for The Nordic Council of Ministers, The World Bank and DANIDA as project leader in different missions and task in Laos PDP, the southern part of Africa etc.