William Ash

General Manager Legal
Wesfarmers Resources Limited
Level 31, Central Plaza One,
345 Queen Street
Brisbane Queensland 4000

Email: billash@arccoaching.com.au
Phone: + 61 419027463

Bill Ash is General Manager Legal and a director of Wesfarmers Resources an Australian resource company. He has held various roles in private practice and in resource companies in Australia, the United States and Hong Kong.

Bill holds a BA/LLB (1st Class Honors) from the University of Sydney (Australia) and a LLM from the University of Pennsylvania.

Bill is currently researching the many roles that parents/counsellors/corporates play, including mentor/coach/facilitator, using a social constructionist philosophy (Queensland University of Technology). Bill is also working towards a book on collaborative parenting as well as exploring creative and collaborative avenues to work with lawyers with a particular focus on what some call depression.

Prompted by the post 9/11 wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the “war on terror”, Bill has written papers on Pre-emptive Action and Terrorism. Also, inspired by Narrative Mediation, Bill has written on how a corporate lawyer may prevent a dispute being consumed by the “story of litigation”.

Bill lives on acreage outside Brisbane with Margi Brown Ash. Their four adult children are pursuing their dreams.