William (Bill) Ash

Brisbane Queensland

Phone: + 61 419027463
Email: billash@arccoaching.com.au
Web: www.billash.com.au

Bill has practised as a lawyer in law firms and corporations in Australia, Canada, the US, and Hong Kong.

In 2016, Bill moved on from being a corporate leader and lawyer to become an executive and life coach. He lives with his partner, Margi Brown Ash, on acreage in Brisbane, where they raised their four children.

Bill’s passion is understanding how our conversations affect everything we think, say, and do, deepening his understanding through gaining postgraduate degrees in counselling and coaching.

In April 2022, Bill’s book ‘Redesigning Conversations: A Guide to Communicating Effectively in the Family, Workplace, and Society’ was published. It is one-stop shop book offering user-friendly skills with personal stories, case studies, and exercises to help the reader have effective conversations in their family, workplace, and society.