Gillian Haley

Phone: (707) 235-1450
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Gillian Haley is the founder and Executive Director of Justicewise, a cross-sector strategy consultancy. Drawing on her professional background in change management, or “the people side of change,” she works with communities to spark regenerative social change through The iBelong Project. Gillian knows that understanding the needs and beliefs of those whom we seek to change is the only way to create lasting change. In the past, Gillian used this approach to secure agreement to drop a multiparty lawsuit while repairing relationships and saved a project team over a quarter million dollars. Today, she uses this same approach to help community stakeholders build relationships that can solve shared challenges and achieve shared dreams.

Gillian currently works at the intersection of homelessness, heart health, and other public health concerns to awaken empathy as an overarching regenerative power. She collaborates on projects as diverse as a county-wide coalition to increase housing equity to one-off projects with homeless advocates who are working on the frontlines to mitigate the disastrous consequences of the Bay Area’s homeless emergency. Gillian oversees a growing portfolio of iBelong community-based projects that engage community members and form new connections across the economic spectrum. iBelong was launched in partnership with Taos Associate, Ellen Raboin, and a grant from the Taos Institute.

Gillian is an alumna of Accenture’s Process Excellence and Change Enablement practice where she led change strategy in Fortune 500 companies implementing global process change. She belongs to Transform, a nationwide network of system change agents who are pioneering new frameworks for navigating the complex social challenges of the 21st century. Gillian has the honor of serving on two boards: The Interfaith Shelter Network and The Living Room, both nonprofits that serve volunteers and homeless residents in an environment of respect and dignity. She holds a Masters degree in Organization Development from Sonoma State University and presented her research on Nelson Mandela and transformational leadership at the 2011 Global Organization Development Network Conference.