Lea Meier Thode

Owner & Founder of CreateValue

Phone:+45 2785 7587
Email: leathode@createvalue.dk
Web: www.createvalue.dk
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lea-meier-thode-48556944/

Education: Master of Science (MsC) in Business Administration & Psychology, Copenhagen Business School (CBS, Denmark)

Lea is a passionate learning and development professional running the consultancy firm CreateValue from Copenhagen, Denmark. The purpose of CreateValue is to engage with people so that they feel inspired and empowered to go out and do something a little bit differently to improve their (work)life. 

Lea works with individuals and groups within organizations using an inside out approach. For people to be the best version of themselves in their organizational roles they need to become aware of the person underneath their professional uniform. Questions like; What are my personal values and inner beliefs? How does my vision look like – as a person and as a professional? Which behavioral preferences do I see myself as having?, and the following investigations are crucial in giving people the opportunity to increase their motivation and hereby their way of fulfilling their work roles.

“Why? Because organizations consist of employees and employees are people with a fire inside of them. This fire is what drives them and do you manage to connect this fire to their work roles you can create fireworks. Fire works for the person of interest and the organization this person is part of. What do they call it now..? Ah yes. A WIN-WIN situation ????”