Paloma Torres Dávila, Ph.D.

Instituto Tercera Misión- Universidad Carlos Albizu, San Juan Campus
Community Strengths
TIAC and Relational Research Network
San Juan, PR.

Paloma Torres Dávila continuously affirms creative solutions to problem-solving by viewing social complexity through a construccionist perspective. By applying narrative perspectives, particularly story-telling, participatory methods, and adialogical perspective approaches to community development and interventions, research, and therapeutic work, she focuses her work in mostly preventative and developmental efforts. She is also a trained Social Therapist, a modality that embraces Vygotskyan theory, Marxism, and performance theory to facilitate emotional development in groups.

Paloma specializes in high-risk populations suffering trauma and violence, particularly impoverished communities, adolescents, and victims of domestic violence. Viewing everyday practice as research, she seeks to keep transforming research practices into more collaborative, relational, and generative approaches, so that the generated knowledge may be used to contribute to innovative solutions to real-world problems. 

Recently Paloma has been integrating interdisciplinary work, particularly with the fields of holistic medicine, arts, design, architecture, and public policy, to provoke social transformations. Most of her efforts are currently focused in her homeland of Puerto Rico who is suffering from years of fiscal crisis, catastrophic hurricanes, earthquakes, and the pandemic. She embraces international collaboration for innovative approaches to working these problems in Puerto Rico, as well as sharing learnings from her experience with other areas around the world.

With a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico, she currently works in applied research with university and private research organizations in Puerto Rico and abroad. Paloma collaborates with various Taos associated projects including the Taos Institute Associates Council, the Relational Research Symposium, and has collaborated in contributing to, editing, and translating Taos resources. 

Paloma currently lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she passionately enjoys time with her partner and family, the arts, spiritual practices, and nature, all which help generate creative ideas applied to her work.