Paloma Torres Dávila, Ph.D.

University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras
Community Strengths
TIAC and Relational Research Network
San Juan, PR.
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Paloma is committed to the healing and continuous development of communities, organizations, and individuals. She has been able to translate her vast myriad of clinical knowledge to multiple settings. Her recent work has focused on using applied research and therapeutic methods for the prevention of trauma as well as promoting collective resilience and thriving. Embracing a critical viewpoint of relational social construction to meet the challenges of our recent times, Paloma incorporates a trauma-informed perspective, social determinants of health, intersectionality theory, narrative and arts-based approaches, community participatory methods, and decolonizing and social justice practices. This has allowed her to serve as designer, evaluator, and capacity-builder of multiple projects that envelop trauma-informed practices, resilience, violence prevention, evidence-based practices, crisis intervention, and neuro-psychological/diagnostic assessment through narrative (storytelling) and arts-based methods. Most recently, She has reinitiated therapeutic work on individual and group levels, as well as social therapy, incorporating her evolving framework. Paloma collaboratively works with universities, government agencies, private corporations, non-profits, foundations, community projects, and schools. 

With a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico, she currently works in applied research with university and private research organizations in Puerto Rico and abroad. Most recently, Paloma is starting up a therapeutic private practice again. She collaborates with various Taos associated projects including the Board and Associates Council, the Taos Institute Appreciative Inquiry project, the Relational Research Symposium, and has collaborated in contributing to, editing, and translating Taos resources. 

Paloma currently lives in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, and passionately enjoys time with her partner and family, the arts, spiritual practices, and nature, all which help generate creative ideas applied to her work.

Please contact her if you wish to collaborate in future endeavors!