Bruno Lenzi


Bruno Lenzi is a dialogical therapist, supervisor and chair at the Movement Institute, chair and coordinator at ASSIM, a psychotherapy non profit in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

After his graduation, Bruno went to Houston – Texas, to study collaborative therapy under Harlene Anderson and the Houston – Galveston Institute staff. After returning to Brazil he started training as a therapist in social construction  and dialogical practices at the Movement Institute. Inviting its students to learn from  a practical experience the philosophical stance of social construction. Since then he has trained over ten new therapists in social constructionist collaborative practices every year.

He is author of articles on dialogic psychotherapy in the magazine Nova Perspectiva Sistêmica, where he is also a reviewer of articles.

In 2007 Bruno was part of the founders of a non profit organization, the ASSIM (Movement Institute Association) that has as mission to take psychology to the reach of all. In this organization Bruno facilitates group therapy and community therapy voluntarily to clients that can’t afford therapy. He is also supervisor to its volunteers, engaged in a collaborative learning community to develop therapist in dialogical practices. In the year of 2016 this non profit had over four thousand voluntary therapy sessions.

Recently (2017) he is facilitating workshops around the state to invite people to talk about death and the narrative aspect of dying, as developed by Michael White. His main thought is “when a person dies the relationship with that person does not die”. “In conversation with death” has happened in five different cities, with over 150 participants.