Cornelia Oestereich, Dr. Med.

KRH Psychiatrie Wunstorf
Südstraße 25
31515 Wunstorf, Germany
05031 93-0

Phone: 05031-930
Email: and
School and University:

  • Exchange Student 1967/68 at Flushing High School, Michigan, USA
  • Abitur 1971, Gymnasium Soltau, Germany
  • Studying Germanistik and Anglistik at University of Hamburg 1971 to 1972
  • Studying Medicine at Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (Medical School) Oct. 1972 to November 1978

Professional Career:

  • Intern at Mental State Hospital Wunstorf (NLKH Wunstorf), Germany, December 1978 to February 1982, Socially Oriented Psychiatry (Sozialpsychiatrie)
  • Intern at Gemeinnütziges Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Herdecke, Germany, Dept. Of Neurology March 1982 to Oct. 1984
  • Senior physician at the Socially Oriented Psychiatric Hospital in Wunstorf November 1978 to 1990
  • Senior Consultant of the Dept. Of General Psychiatry at Wunstorf, Germany, 1990 until Today Medical Director of the KRH Psychiatrie Wunstorf, Germany, since 2009


  • Medical doctorate 1990.
  • Dissertation: Suicide of Patients during treatment as In-Patients: demographic and clinical data; biographical  reports about their life and illness; casuistics; therapeutical and institutional aspects as well as aspects of communication and interaction.”
  • Grade: very good
  • Specialist for Psychiatry and Neurology. Spezialist for Psychotherapy.
  • Systemic Therapy (SG) and Systemic Supervision (SG)
  • Teacher of Systemic Therapy (SG) and Teacher of Systemic Supervision (SG)


  • DGSP – German Society of Social Psychiatry
  • DGS – German Society for Prevention of Suicide
  • NIS – Nds. Institute for Systemic Therapy and Counselling (Co-Founder 1988)
  • Vice- Chair since 2005 up to date
  • EMZ – Center for Ethnomedicine Hannover (Board Member for 12 years)
  • Systemic Society- German Association for Systemic Research, Therapy, Supervision and Counselling President since 2005


  • Ehrenplakette of Ärztekammer Niedersachsen ( Honorary Badge of the State Chamber of Physicians of Lower Saxony) Oct. 2009 (for contributions to Systemic Therapy in
  • Psychotherapy, for Intercultural Systemic Therapy and for the development of intercultural psychotherapeutical concepts for severely traumatized refugees).