Glenda Fredman, Ph.D.

Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Systemic Psychotherapy
Department of Psychology
Hunter Street Health Centre
8 Hunter Street
London WCN 1BN
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 2033176757

I am a clinical psychologist and systemic psychotherapist, trainer, supervisor in systemic practice and consultant. I am committed to enabling systemic and ethical practice within public services where I work at all levels of organizations with service users in therapy, with staff in training and with teams and organizations in consultation.

Since starting off as a young school teacher with black pupils in a segregated school in South Africa in the 1970s apartheid system, I have continued to draw on Paulo Freire and Vygotsky to inform my approach to training, consultation and therapeutic practice. I currently work with children, adults, older people and people with intellectual disabilities, their families and staff teams in hospitals and community settings within the National Health Service in London UK where my practice is informed by systemic, narrative and appreciative approaches.

I have specialized in working with children and young people affected by illnesses that affect their bodies (not all these conditions have a medical diagnosis). I have also set up systemic teams with colleagues working with older adults and people affected by intellectual disabilities within public mental health services. I have introduced social network based practices in medical, mental health and social care contexts with children, adolescents, older people and people affected by intellectual disability and their families and enjoyed witnessing and sharing outstanding outcomes for both the service users and their network of carers.

I joined Peter Lang with training in South Africa, Scandinavia and Greece since the 1990s. I continue to contribute to a number of organizations and associations both on the national and international level through training and supervision. I have published papers and presented national and international workshops and am the author of ‘Death Talk: Conversations with Children and Families’ (Karnac), ‘Transforming Emotion: Conversations in Counselling and Psychotherapy’ (Whurr)/Wiley), and co-editor of ‘Being with Older People: A Systemic Approach’ (Karnac).

In the course of my professional journey I have been privileged to learn from many people from different places who have inspired my work and life. David Campbell sowed the seeds of a systemic worldview for me during my (Milan Systemic) family therapy training in the early 1980s; Peter Lang, KCC and the wider systemic community have offered rich and fertile soil for me to continue to grow and develop as well as a safe place to return to refuel with courage to go on. I continue to seek connections with communities like Taos to sustain my commitment to the sorts of ethical practice that systemic, constructionist, appreciative and narrative approaches make possible

I have learned most from my inspiring colleagues and from the opportunity to witness and be deeply touched by the stories of both clients and practitioners.

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