Jan Smedslund, Ph.D.

Visiting address: Forskningsveien 3A 0373 Oslo
Postal address: Psykologisk institutt Postboks 1094 Blindern 0317 Oslo, Norway 
Email: jan.smedslund@psykologi.uio.no

Academic Interest: 
Explication of a necessary model for psychological practice, given what we already know about being human.

Higher Education and Employment History:
Jan Smedslund is Professor Emeritus and Specialist in Clinical Psychology. He received his PhD at the University of Oslo in 1955A appointed Professor of Psychology 1964 in Bergen and 1966 in Oslo.

Jan has worked at numerous foreign universities including Geneva, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Stanford. He was a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences 1967-68. He has done experimental research in cognitive development with Piaget and Bruner.

Clinical background includes working at a psychiatric emergency ward and a crisis intervention team, an outpatient clinic for children and youth, a treatment home with drug addicts, with group psychotherapy and in private practice. He has published 7 books and some 130 articles and chapters.

Main interests have been in the foundations of psychology, the integration of theory and practice and in the development of a general conceptual framework and axiomatic system that he has called psycho-logic.


  • Society for Research in Child Development. Monograph Award, 1964
  • Fellow Ved Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, 1967/68.

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