Dado Salem

Rio de Janeiro

Phone: +5521 99915 1080
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One of the pioneers of Economic Psychology in Brazil. For over 20 years, Dado has focused on multidisciplinary study, combining Psychology, Economics, Philosophy, Anthropology, History, Literature, Poetry, Mythology and other sciences in search of solutions for individuals, families and organizations. He has an active Career Counselling practice, having advised 700+ clients from major companies. One of his focus is helping leaders to develop a more positive and collaborative approach, cultivating not knowing. Since 1998 he has been helping entrepreneurial families managing complex and sensitive issues involving families and businesses. In 2012 he joined Cambridge Family Enterprise Group, a traditional family business consultancy firm, as senior advisor. His main contribution is giving voice to multiple points of view and facilitating dialogs in order to create a shared image of the future and build harmony within families. Dado worked as facilitator at the Families in Business course at Harvard Business School (2016 and 2017). He is working in a new product for organizations – Creating Futures – using Social Construction theory and drumming practice with a maestro of a drumming school in Rio de Janeiro. Dado is a certified Conflict Mediator, Specialist in Junguian Psychology, has a Master in Clinical Psychology, and a Bachelor of Economics. He earned his International Diploma in Social Construction and Professional Practice from the Taos Institute in 2021.