Beatriz Rodriguez Vega. MD, Ph.D.

Psychiatrist. La Paz University Hospital. Autónoma University School of Medicine
Paseo de la Castellana 261. 28046. Madrid

Phone: +34917277276

Beatriz Rodriguez Vega, MD Phd is currently the coordinator of Liason Psychiatry at the Psychiatry Department of La Paz University Hospital, Madrid and an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Autónoma University School of Medicine in Madrid and she has worked in different settings mainly in General Hospital. For the last fifteen years, she has been working as a consultant in the oncologic and chronic pain field in the general hospital.

Her main interests include developmental aspects of the self and narrative psychotherapy based in mindfulness. She is the director of the Psychoterapy Unit of La Paz Hospital and co-director, with Alberto Fernández Liria, of the Master of Psychotherapy Integration, Alcalá de Henares University, since 1997. Also she was the director of several investigation projects in the psychotherapy treatment for oncologic depressive patients. With Alberto Fernandez Liria she has published in Spanish La Práctica de la Psicoterapia: la construcción de narrativas terapéuticas (Psycotherapy Practice: The construction of therapeutic narratives) (2001), Habilidades de entrevista para psicoterapeutas (Interviewing Skills for Psycotherapists) (2002) and Terapia Narrativa basada en Atención Plena para la depresion (Mindfulness based Narrative Therapy for Depression) (2012) all of them published in Desclée de Brower.

She is a collaborator since 1995 with Medicos del Mundo (Doctors of the World) and Doctors without Borders which has provided her a wide experience in war conflict and critical incidents intervention.

Currently Beatriz is mostly interested in the integration of Mindfulness and Narrative therapy. She continues learning, training and teaching techniques that are useful to regulate emotional life as these can be helpful for patients as for therapists.