Matilda Mettälä, MS, MA

Agartha AB
Ribersborgsvägen 17
217 53 Malmö

Tel: +46 40 665 70 87
Cell: +46 704 185 999

Matilda Mettälä, MS in Education, MA in Musicology from Lund University, is employed at Agartha AB, which is a family-owned investment company based in Malmö. Her work involves leading, developing, and implementing CSR initiatives. She is currently writing her PhD thesis in education at Malmö University, with the aim of getting a better understanding of how to engage and develop young leaders from the artistic lens. 

Matilda has a multifaceted background with music and education as common themes. The constructionist view has offered her a supportive frame of mind together with her artistic lens, which she has acquired during her earlier professional work as a performing artist (her experiences include a radio hit in the US), as well as from teaching music over 25 years, mainly vocal training, and piano. As a consultant, she has also used music and creative tools to guide organizations in transition.

Matilda often reflects on how people and events are interconnected, and how relations can profoundly affect and influence lives and situations. Daily interactions with people, places and practices are full of opportunities that inspire her. In her practices she tries to search and explore various ways to work with people including empathy, respect, and ethics. She is interested in all kinds of stories, and how we share them with others and ourselves, as well as how we build our knowledge in relations and dialogues, focusing on issues related to learning, leadership, and wellbeing.

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