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Relational Realization of the Sacred, by Kenneth J. Gergen at the Trinity Church Wall St. Lecture series 2001
A presentation delivered at Trinity Church, Wall St.
by Kenneth J. Gergen
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60 minutes – Kenneth J. Gergen, Ph.D.

The Relational Realization of the Sacred

20 minutes – Question and Answer time with Kenneth Gergen and Rev. Fred Burnham
15 minutes – Closing Dialogue with conference presenters:
Kenneth Gergen, Ph.D.
William B. Hurlbut, MD
Anne Foerst, Dr. of Theology
Warren S. Brown, Ph.D.

The Digital Wayfarer – Evocative Ethnography as Performance, by Kenneth J. Gergen  
In this “evocative ethnography” my concern is with how  our ever-increasing immersion in digital technology is transforming our culture. Especially I am concerned with how  the global flow of information, images, and reflections is changing our conception of self. Our thoughts, feelings, and sensuality are being absorbed into the techno-world. Should we resist; is it too late?

Kenneth J. Gergen receives 2017 Distinguished Alumni from DukeUniversity Graduate School Award. A conversation with Ken Gergen…

Kenneth Gergen: On Human Understanding: From Mind to Relationship

Kenneth Gergen examines what it is to understand another human being. Much hangs on this question, in both our professions and our daily lives.

Ken Gergen talks about Social Constructionist Ideas, Theory and Practice from Dawn Dole on Vimeo.

This video is available with Spanish under-titles below 
With gracious appreciation to Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Santiago, Chile. 

Kenneth Gergen Talks about Social Construccionism en españolfrom RMGPRODUCCIONES on Vimeo.

Kenneth Gergen introduces “An Invitation to Social Construction”