Celiane Camargo-Borges, Ph.D.

Email: celiane@designingconversations.us
Web: www.designingconversations.us

Celiane is a lecturer, researcher and practitioner working at the interface of psychology, health/wellbeing, community building, education, process design and organizational development. Her work focuses on relational forms of practices that enable the creation of environments where more effective means of collaboration and decision-making are enhanced. She holds a Ph.D. from her native Brazil, at the University of Sao Paulo. While completing my doctoral dissertation, she expanded her research to explore communication theory at the University of New Hampshire, USA where she spent one year as a visiting scholar.

She has lived and worked in many parts of the world. As a Brazilian, moving to England, then to the USA, Taiwan, Singapore and finally to The Netherlands, she has cultivated a cross-cultural understanding and a sensitivity to differences. All these movements, and the intertwined experiences that have accompanied them, have given her a fluid professional identity. With this interdisciplinary background, combined with a cross cultural experience, she is engaged in blurring disciplinary boundaries and integrating different ways of knowing to help tackle complex matters.

She is faculty at Breda University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands and visiting professor and guest lecturer at several universities around the world such as University of São Paulo in Brazil, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria in Portugal, University College Aspira in Croatia, among others. 

Celiane is also the founder of Designing Conversations (www.designingconversations.us), where she consults, designs and delivers workshops and process design within a diversity of areas where creativity, imagination, innovation and dialogue are central.  She is involved in international projects where she facilitates organizations and communities in joining together to initiate change.  Among her projects are her collaboration with NGOs in Uganda, with sustainable local tourism in Cape Verde, and with community activism in Brazil.  She has more than 30 publications in journals and books on participatory research, Imagineering, design approaches, PlaceMaking and community development.

At the Taos institute, she is a Board member, serving as a PhD supervisor and facilitator of workshops and online courses.  

In Amsterdam she is a intercultural professional at KIT/Intercultural Professionals, Amsterdam (http://www.interculturalprofessionals.com/), consulting and training professionals working in an international environment as well as families when moving abroad.

Peer Reviewer of many journals such as: 

  • International Consultant at the Journals: Revista Eletrônica Saúde Mental Álcool e Drogas, EERP/USP. Brasil
  • Qualitative Health Research; Sage Open among others.
  • Saúde e Transformação Social / Health & Social Change, Florianópolis, Brasil.
  • Editorial Board in “Psicologia em Estudo”, Maringá, Brasil.