Fabian Martin

Independent Professional

Email: fhabims@gmail.com
Phone: +34696797048
Web: www.fabianmartins.com

Fabian Martin was born on the island of Tenerife, in the Atlantic Ocean, very close to Africa. He is passionate about traveling the world. Fabian graduated in Psychology at age 22. In the early years of his professional career, he worked on immigration issues, with children, young people and adults. After two years of developing awareness actions towards immigration, he started working as a psychologist in the area of child protection. During these years, Fabian was approaching methodologies of collaborative work, since the traditional methods of work did not have useful results. Fabian went from a form of work based on the expert’s stance to a focus on identifying strengths and finding possibilities where families and professionals were experts in their own lives. One could say that he went from a traditional concept of family psychotherapy, a structural model, to an approach that put less labels and that believed in the change of people. Curiosity and lack of judgment were fundamental to building therapeutic relationships with professionals and families. In this work context, Fabian studied a work methodology inspired by gestalt therapy, narrative therapy, solution oriented therapy and collaborative and dialogic practices. When this stage of work ended, Fabian began to coordinate a specialized intervention program with adolescents in social conflict. He raised the challenge of coordinating from the collaborative philosophy, creating spaces to converse between professionals and families. On the other hand, Fabian was able to provide training for professionals from all the Canary Islands for three years. In this training space, there was practice with all the collaborative principles to reflect on professional practice in the child protection sector.

Fabian has always reconciled his work with therapy in the private sphere. In his life curiosity and genuine interest in understanding human relationships mark his present path. At the moment he works as an independent professional that offers its services to those companies and people who think that he can be useful, always with the intention of putting the focus on the human relations and the humanization of the institutions.