Ingeborg E.B. Vandepoel Ph.D.
Phone: 0031-765213848

Ingeborg E.B. Vandepoel is co-owner and founder of Hakkert, Vandepoel & Partners, a training and consultancy firm in the Netherlands. She started this firm in 1992, together with René Hakkert. The two common denominators in her work are learning and co-creating. Ingeborg uses a social relational constructionist perspective combined with strength-based methods. Working and learning together gives her great pleasure and satisfaction.

She studied psychology and education at the university of Leiden (M.A. in 1988) and at the university of Hasselt she followed the CIGO program (Consultancy in Groups and Organizations) (1990-1992).

After twenty years of experience, Ingeborg noticed profound changes in work life circumstances. She came across these changes in many organizations, raising new issues. Ingeborg became interested in collaboration at distance and working in (self managing) teams. In 2012 she started a study to find out what challenges we are faced with, what this means in terms of leadership and how professional trainers/ consultants can contribute. The study generated useful and actionable knowledge, also resulting in Ph.D. at Tilburg University (2016). The title of her dissertation is: Collaboration and learning at distance; scrum in distributed teams and a learning perspective for collaboration.

Ingeborg lives in the Netherlands, is married to René Hakkert and besides her work she enjoys reading, travelling, walking.