Maureen Duffy, Ph.D.

Private Practice
Miami Shores, Florida

Phone: 305.335.8043

Maureen Duffy, Ph.D. is a consultant and family therapist in independent practice. She specializes in the area of workplace and school mobbing and bullying and works with individuals, families, and organizations impacted by it to recover and to overcome its negative effects. 

She provides training to human resources (HR) personnel and to corporate leadership in recognizing and responding effectively to mobbing and bullying within their organizations and to assist them with prevention efforts. Her goal in working with organizations is to help them shift from damage control after workplace mobbing or bullying to exercising corporate leadership and social responsibility in understanding and preventing workplace mobbing and bullying.

Maureen’s training and professional practice are systemic in nature and emphasize the role of conversation and narrative in both individual and organizational change. She is the co-author of two recent books on workplace and school mobbing and aggression published by Oxford University Press: Overcoming Mobbing: A Recovery Guide for Workplace Aggression and Bullying and Mobbing: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions. 

Maureen was a facilitator in Massey University’s on-line Postgraduate Diploma in Discursive Therapies and she contributed two chapters to Andy Lock’s and Tom Strong’s recent book Discursive Perspectives in Therapeutic Practice published by Oxford University Press. Her two practice-based chapters are: “The Body, Trauma, and Narrative Approaches to Healing,” and “Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: Listening in the Present with an Ear toward the Future.”

Currently, Maureen is an Affiliate Professor in the Graduate Program in Qualitative Research at Nova Southeastern University. Maureen’s past academic affiliations also include Barry University in Miami where she was a professor of counseling and family therapy for over twenty years and was instrumental in the development of the marital and family therapy specializations in the master’s and doctoral programs in counseling.

She graduated from the National University of Ireland, University College, Dublin, with a Bachelor of Social Science degree (B. Soc.Sc.) and from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with a Ph.D. in Systemic Family Therapy. Maureen has been in active consulting and clinical practice for over twenty-five years. She is a Co-Editor of The Qualitative Report and serves on the Editorial Boards of The Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, the Journal of Systemic Therapies, and The Family Journal.