Lúcia Helena Abdalla

Recycling Minds Institute

Av. das Américas 3255
sl. 326 – Barra Garden – Barra da Tijuca
Rio de Janeiro, Cep 22631-002
Phone: +5521 2431 0898

Rua Desenhista Luiz Guimarães
70 bl 02 apto 501 – Barra da Tijuca
Rio de Janeiro, Cep 22793-261
Phone: +5521 988442426

Web: www.reciclandomentes.org, www.terapianarrativa.com.br

Email: luciahelenaabdalla@gmail.com

Lúcia is a Clinical Psychologist, Specialist in Infant and Juvenile Mental Health, Narrative Therapy & Community Work, and Director of the Recycling Minds Institute. She is a member of Brazilian Family Therapy Association, ABRATEF, and the Rio de Janeiro Family Therapy Association, ATF/R, where she also serves as a member of the Scientific Board from 2020 to 2022.

She received her degree in Psychology, with a specialization in Infant and Adolescent Mental Health, from Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro. She received further training in Family Therapy from the Family Therapy Institute and Narrative Therapy & Community Work at the Dulwich Centre, Adelaide, Australia. She also acted as a visiting scholar at the Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work offered by the Dulwich Center in collaboration with the University of Melbourne.

Lúcia is the Founder and Director of the Recycling Minds Institute, which promotes narrative practices in clinical, educational and social contexts. Through Recycling Minds, she organizes groups, courses, workshops, conferences, campaigns and projects.

In the social field, she presents collective narrative practices and narrative methodologies to social agents in their respective organizations and communities, most of them in favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Since June 2009, she has the support and collaboration of the Dulwich Center Foundation, Australia. With the relevance of this work in Brazil, she also received the supervision of David Denborough, Ph.D., Co-Director of the Dulwich Center Foundation. Recycling Minds has reached more than 7800 children/teenagers in vulnerable situation in communities across cities in Brazil. 

Lúcia has been assisting children, adolescents, adults, couples and families in Brazil for over 30 years.  She has vast experience with patients with acute and chronic manifestations, and rehabilitation, as well as their support system. Nowadays, she is interested in building bridges between different worlds and understandings, and encouraging practices of respect and hope.