Robert van Hennik

Systemic Family Therapist & Professional Doctor in Systemic Practices.
Euthopia; Centre for Systemic Therapy, Training, Consultancy and Supervision in Breda & Utrecht
The Netherlands

Phone: 0031639661977

Robert van Hennik works as a Systemic Family Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor in Euthopia, Breda & Utrecht in the Netherlands. He, in his work, is curiously inquiring improvisational wisdom living actors practice responding to unpredictable circumstances in multi-complex contexts. Robert did his Professional Doctorate in Systemic Practice at the University of Bedfordshire in Luton, U.K. His thesis is called: ‘Practice Based Evidence Based Practice. Navigating complexity in Feedback-informed Systemic Therapy’.

In PBEBP the therapist is both practitioner and researcher and involves clients as co-researchers.

Therapist and clients examine the effect of their collaboration. The output of research is input for therapy in the ‘collaborative learning community’ constituted together. Robert is very inspired by a new-materialist theory that integrates cybernetics and social constructionism in contemporary systemic thinking.

He is teaching and writing about practices within frames of reference that generate a greater variety of response-abilities within a larger response-space. He loves to meet and have conversations about all of this.