Christina Hee Pedersen, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Department of Communication and Arts
Roskilde University, Denmark
Member of the Dialogic Communication Group

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Christina Hee Pedersen is a communication scholar with a special interest in how socio- economic and socio-cultural differences play out and effect communication processes.  Her main research interests include collaborative methodologies, learning processes, memory work, feminist poststructuralist research and action research. Over the years autobiographic dimensions of reflective narrative methodologies have been developed and refined in Christina´s work. Currently she is bringing together years of research and teaching experiences into a book on collaborative methodologies with the working title Leaps and Bounds: Traveling around Collaborative Research Methodologies.  In the spring of 2015 she spent three months as a visiting scholar at the Beatrice Bain Research Group at the Department of Women’s Studies at U.C. Berkeley working on this book. The book will be a reflexive exploration of the knowledge (co)produced through innovation and experimentation and it brings together the fruits of many years of specialization on the topic; interdisciplinary collaborative research methodologies.  The aim is to dig into the promises and the relational complexities embedded in collaborative research.  Difference is as mentioned to this body of work at a number of levels, both empirically and analytically.

She belongs to the Centre for Dialogical Research (CDR) at Roskilde University in Denmark. The work in the group displays multimodal takes on collaborative qualitative methodologies across temporal and spatial contexts and a guiding principle is to explore how collaborative and dialogic dimensions in research stimulate practices of social inclusion.  

Christina Hee Pedersen´s cross cultural relationship and her feminist/lesbian activism has brought her around the world, especially she have worked in many informal educational settings as a facilitator and as a teacher at universities in Peru and Bolivia. In the 90és she worked as an international consultant in a number of so-called “developing countries” and in local NGO´s mostly in Peru, where she also published two books in Spanish. She initiated her academic carrier relatively late in life finishing my ph.d. in 1999. She publishes in both Spanish and English.

Publications include:

  • Pedersen, C. H. (2013) “Anclando  los significados  – contribuyendo  al diálogo.  El uso de imágenes en la producción de relaciones  y significados” in Diversitas, Revista Digetal Universidad  San Thómas,  Vol 9, No 1, 2013, Bogota, Colombia.
  • Pedersen , C. H.  (2012) ”Exploring political longings and institutional belongings in the Peruvian women’s movement – the promise of collaborative research methodologies” in Fryba Christensen S. and Andersson V. (ed.)Latin American responses to neo-liberalism: Strategies and struggles, Ålborg University Press.
  • Pedersen, C.H. & Olesen, B. R.  (2012) “Co-producing knowledge: between othering, emotionality and dialogue”. Chapter 7 in Phillips, L., Kristiansen, M., Vehvilainen, M. and Gunnarsson, E. (ed.). Knowledge and Power in Collaborative Research: A Reflexive Approach. Routledge Advances in Research Methods Series. London and New York: Routledge.
  • Pedersen, C.H. & Olesen B.R. (2008). “What Knowledge – Which relationships?:  Sharing Dilemmas  of an Action Researcher”,  International Journal of Action Research, 4(3), 254-290.

Activities of relevance:

  • 2014: Organizer of course “With difference at the centre”,  students at two Bolivian teachers colleges in El Alto and Warisata.  Funded by grant from “Civil society in Development” CISU, Danida and in collaboration with SPOR Media (DK) and  COMPA (Bolivia) on new democratizing pedagogies and the use of audiovisual methodologies for working with socio-economic and socio-cultural differences. 
  • 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013: Courses for volunteers in Danish Refugee Counsel in a number of Danish cities.
  • 2009, 2010, 2011: Masters course on creative research methodologies, Pontificate Catholic University of Peru
    2010: Course on dialogic methodologies, “RACE – Observatory, University of the Cordillera, La Paz.
  • 2003- date: Reviewer on large number of articles in Danish and International Journals. Co-organizer of Conference Relationer og vidensformer (Relations and knowledge forms)