Clarissa Mendonça Corradi-Webster, Ph.D.

Av. Bandeirantes, 3900 – Bairro Monte Alegre
CEP 14040-901
Ribeirão Preto – SP –Brazil

University of São Paulo
Department of Psychology
Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Languages of Ribeirão Preto

Phone: 55-16-3602-4811

Clarissa is a licensed psychologist and the Professor of Psychopathology of the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Languages of Ribeirão Preto at the University of São Paulo (Ribeirão Preto – São Paulo – Brazil). At the university she carries out teaching, training and research in the field of Psychopathology. She is one of the editors of the Brazilian Journal “Health and Social Change” (ISSN 2178-7085) which aims to publish qualitative research engaged with social changes.

Her research focuses on themes of mental health, psychopathology and health psychology, with emphasis on the field of alcohol and other drugs. In this field she has been studying the training of health professionals, strategies for prevention and treatment, construction of meanings about consumption, change and treatment, and mental health policies. With her work, she tries to amplify, among health professionals and within the community, the meanings about drug consumption, aiming to break prejudices and construct resources that can bring health professionals and the community closer to drug users.

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  6. Nursing student participation in a community project to prevent drug abuse among teenagers!n
  7. Qualification of family health program professionals in brief diagnosis and intervention strategies for problematic alcohol use
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