Dora Fried Schnitman, Ph.D.

Ramon Castilla 2875 11 A
1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fundación Interfas
Alsina 1160
1088AAF Buenos Aires
Phone/Fax: (5411) 4381-5989

Dora Fried Schnitman. Ph.D. in Psychology. Founder and director of Fundación Interfas, originally a family therapy institute that evolved into a think-tank and a cultural organ used to disseminate innovative thinking and practices:

Academic positions: She is the director of the Post-graduate Program in Systemic Clinical Psychology, School of Psychology at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), in which she also teaches. She was a professor in the Family Medicine Division of the Medical School of the University of California at San Francisco (1973-1983) and at the Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto (1977-1982).

Professor in the Post-graduate Program in Business Administration in Crisis at the School of Economic Sciences and Business at the UBA, and professor of Organizational Communication in the Latin American, European Masters in Mediation, Institut Universitaire Kurt Bosch. International guest professor at the Master’s Program in Organizational Psychology of the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI), Chile. Previously, she was a professor in the MBA program of the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, in the School of Economics at the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (Resistencia, Chaco province), and at the Law School of the UBA.

She has been a visiting and guest professor at: Universidad Luterana de Brasil, Pontificia Universidad Católica de San Pablo (Brazil); Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Universidad Diego Portales (Chile); Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and Grupo Psicología Social Crítica at the Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia); Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain); Instituto de Investigaciones Dr. José María Luis Mora, (Mexico); Universidad de Bergamo (Italy) and others. She has been invited to be a speaker at congresses and scientific meetings and to teach at institutes throughout Latin America, Europe and the United States, where she has given numerous workshops, seminars and training sessions.

Doctoral Committees and Dissertation Advisories:
She was a member of the Doctoral Committee in Psychology, Universidad de Buenos Aires (1994-1999), to which she is currently a consultant. She has been a doctoral dissertation advisor at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad de Belgrano and the Taos Institute PhD Program, among others.

Interests/Contribution: Dora has developed a generative model geared towards improving the quality of the resources available to persons, organizations and communities in facing challenges, conflicts and crisis, and increasing personal and social creativity. Her work centers on new paradigms, including innovative practices and dialogue in psychotherapy, education, conflict management, organizational development, and epistemology. One of her interests is the creation of collaborative professional and academic networks, and learning communities. She is currently co-coordinating the Network for Productive Dialogue

Publications: Editor of Nuevos Paradigmas, Cultura y Subjetividad (Paidós, 1994), Novos Paradigmas, Cultura e Subjetividade (Artes Médicas, 1996), Nuevos Paradigmas en la Resolución de Conflictos: Perspectivas y Prácticas (Granica, 2000). Co-editor of Novos Paradigmas en Mediaçâo (Artmed, 1999), Resolución de Conflictos. Nuevos Diseños, Nuevos Contextos (Granica, 2000), New Paradigms, Culture and Subjectivity (Hampton Press, 2002). She has published more than one hundred articles and book chapters in five languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and Italian) in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico), Europe (Spain, France, England, Italy, Switzerland), the United States and Japan.

Editorial work: She is the president of the International Advisory Committee of the journal Human Organizational Psychology (UAI), Santiago, Chile. She was the director of the quarterly publication Sistemas Familiares, Buenos Aires, Argentina, from issues 17 (2), 2001 to 21 (1-2), 2005. She has been or is a member of the international advisory committees of the following journals: Cahiers Critiques de Therapie Familiale et des Practiques de Reseaux, Brussels, Belgium; Pluriverso, Biblioteca delle idee per la civiltà planetaria, Milan, Italy: Rizzoli; Redes, revista de psicoterapia relacional e intervenciones sociales, Barcelona, Spain; Pensando Famílias, Porto Alegre, Brazil; Nova Perspectiva Sistêmica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Psicologia, Teoria e Pesquisa, Brasilia, Brazil; Contextos Familiares, Porto Alegre, Brazil.