Junping Guo

Dean of Wuyun Mountain Sanatorium Hospital, Hangzhou City
Director of Hangzhou Health Management Center
Director of Civil Servant Mental Health Application Research Center, Psychology Institute, China Academy of Science
Head of Hangzhou Convalescent Industry Association

The Wuyun Mountain Sanatorium of Hangzhou
No.6 Wu Yun East Road
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 310008

Email: gjpwsj@163.com
Web: www.hzwyslyy.com

Junping holds a Master of Public Administration from the China Academy of Social Science. She is an Associate Chief Physician and Visiting Assistant Professor at Hangzhou Normal University as well as a Licensed Psycho-Counselor with more than 10 years of psycho-counseling and coaching experience, practicing in the EAP field for more than 7 years, consulting and coaching medical patients and sub-health population. She has been providing integral psycho-capital services to more than 30,000 civil servants and employees within and beyond Zhejiang Province. Her research focuses on the impact of improving employees’ mental health on organizational performance and on applicable approaches and techniques of organizational health psychology. She is also researching the application of SFBT in clinical medicine practice and healthcare services, especially how collaborative dialogue and narrative therapy can be incorporated into the health management of patients with chronic diseases, aging population, oncology patients, and female internal reproductive secretion patients. Her main occupation is at the Civil Servant Mental Health Application Research Center, Psychology Institute, at the China Academy of Science, focusing on the research and development of applicable techniques and service models to improve the mental and psychological health of the civil servant.