Anne Göerlich, MA

MA in Psychology and Communication, Psychotherapist
Ph.D Fellow
Danish Centre for Youth Research
Department of Learning and Philosophy
Aalborg University Copenhagen
2450 Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 20735872

Since 1995, my interest area has focused on young people, relations, perception of selves, others and of the world. I have done research into areas like gender, relations, constructions of heterosexuality and education. I have a broad experience within academia, qualitative research, documentary film, teaching, psychotherapy and consultancy work.

My current research area is qualitative inquiry into at-risk youth and education. I have participated in several research projects aiming at exploring at-risk youth and alternative education programs aiming at helping them to re-enter the educational system. My Ph.D thesis is within this area too and my aim is to experiment with qualitative methods in order to bring forward at-risk youth’s affective experience of their processes towards and away from education. My aim is on the one hand to evaluate actual alternative programs and on the other hand to contribute to new ways of understanding at-risk youth and their complex educational processes.

Publications (all in Danish):

  • Görlich, Anne & Katznelson, Noemi (2013): Er selvtillid nok – betydningen af tillid i fastholdelsen af unge i uddannelse (Is self-esteem enough – the meaning of trust for at-risk youth in education), Tidsskrift for Arbejdsliv, 15. årg. No. 3
  • Hutters, Camilla; Nielsen, Mette Lykke; Görlich, Anne & Simonsen, Birgitte (2013): Drenge og piger på ungdomsuddannelserne – hvad betyder køn for elevernes uddannelsespraksis (Boys and girls in upper secondary school – gender and educational practices), København: Center for Ungdomsforskning
  • Görlich, Anne; Pless, Mette; Katznelson, Noemi and Olsen, Pia (2012); Hvem er de unge ledige? – unge uden arbejde og uddannelse i Faxe Kommune (Characterizing unemployed youth in Faxe Commune), Center for ungdomsforskning
  • Görlich, Anne & Kirkegaard, Line (2000): Historier om kærester og kærlighed (Stories of love and romantic relations), København: Gyldendal Uddannelse