María Paula Cespedes

Cra. 9 #48-40
Comuna Chapinero, Bogotá, Colombia

Phone: +57 311 2309969

María received her degree in Psychology from Los Andes University of Colombia, with a specialization in Integrative Gestalt Therapy from Claudio Naranjo’s school: Transformación Humana, Colombia. She obtained her Masters in Clinical Psychology at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Her postgraduate work was in Hospital Pedagogy at the University of Barcelona. She completed SAT training in transpersonal psychology at Claudio Naranjo’s School. Maria acts as a virtual professor at the University of Barcelona, Spain and the University of Santa Paula, Costa Rica.

Maria is also a pediatric researcher at the Cardioinfantil Foundation, Colombia; member of the International Observatory in Hospital Pedagogy; and member of the research group in Hospital Pedagogy in Pediatrics and Neonatology at the University of Barcelona.

With 13 years of experience accompanying human development processes, she acts as a coach and facilitator of playful and pedagogical interventions with vulnerable populations. Additionally, she coordinates social and educational programs at the Hospital Pedagogy at Cardioinfantil Foundation and QUIRA – Latin American Center for the Development of Collaborative Culture.

Her practice is from a systemic and socio-constructionist perspective, concerning the integration and connections between expressive therapies, research, ecology, urban agriculture, spirituality, meditation, performance, dance, art, health, and playfulness work with life transformation.

She is the Director of Siembra Transformaciones, a private practice in clinical psychology.

Her experience is in research and management of virtual educational projects and professional training in Hospital Pedagogy, grief, vulnerability and soft skills. Her interest is in connections with neurosciences, neuroeducation and coping.