Paul B. Wieand, Ph.D.

The Center for Advanced Emotional Intelligence 
196 Red Hill Road 
Ottsville, PA 18942

Phone: 610-847-5472 

Paul B. Wieand spent 20 years in banking before leaving the corporate world in 1990 to earn a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, subsequently founding a firm that applies and builds upon interdisciplinary and neuroscientific insights that have arisen in the process and within the context of relationships. During his career in banking, Paul held various chief executive positions, with his most recent being CEO of Sovereign Bancorp, now Santander USA, the US subsidiary of Spain’s largest bank. In 1990, Paul left banking to pursue studies that would shed light on human behavior.

While completing his internship at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, where he specialized in working with a group of middle-aged, high-IQ individuals with severe and chronic emotional  challenges, he read Daniel Goleman’s just-published book, “Emotional Intelligence.” Because Dr. Wieand later combined interdisciplinary studies and neuroscience, he developed a view of emotional intelligence that focuses on the primacy of relationships in transforming individuals and organizations. He feels that the primary contextual variable in human nature is social and cultural, and human reality then is contextual and primarily social. Yet, he recognized, with all this complexity, there is a sameness about human beings that transcends context and that bonds people socially.

Paul was a correspondent and student of Peter Drucker for 40 years, first as a bank president, then scholar, and now as a practitioner in leadership development. Having led and observed in the banking world numerous mergers and leadership changes, Paul became deeply interested in the convergence of human phenomena that creates effective social structure through collaboration at senior levels. In 1995, he founded the Center for Advanced Emotional Intelligence, where he and his partners apply emotional intelligence to leadership. His clients are senior leaders at some of the world’s most respected organizations and their shared efforts are aimed at raising the leader and organization’s level of mutual trust. Paul finds that success in the long-term depends on trust and integrity and developing these in the leader at the level of identity.

Paul has been affiliated with Drexel University for nearly 40 years, serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board to the college of business and advises on interdisciplinary studies relating to neuroscience and leadership. A feature presenter at MIT’s Global Leadership Conference on applying emotional intelligence to leadership, he shared some of his experiences in a TEDx Talk on Emotional Courage.