Thalia Dragonas, Ph.D.

Department of Early Childhood Education
 University of Athens
 Athens , Greece


Thalia Dragonas is a Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Athens. She was for several terms Head of the Department of Early Childhood Education, she was a member of the board of the Greek Open University and the Center of Educational Research. Her research activity lies in the area of identities and the articulation of the social with the psychological. She has participated in and directed many Greek and international projects and has worked extensively for the educational reform of the Muslim Minority in Western Thrace. Specific areas of research interests are: psychosocial identity and intergroup relations, intercultural education and ethnocentrism in the educational system, prevention and promotion of early psychosocial health, transition to parenthood, construction of fatherhood and masculinity as well as research methodological issues such as the relationship of qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Currently she is an MP with PASOK. She participates in Parliamentary Committees on Education, Culture, Equality and Human Rights.