Bård Bertelsen

Home address:
Skytebanen 6
Arendal, Norway

Phone: (0047) 99271512

Work addresses:

Sørlandet Sykehus Arendal
Avdeling for barn og unges psykiske helse
P.O. Box 783 Stoa
4809 Arendal, Norway


Familiekontoret i Aust-Agder
Friholmsgaten 2-4
4836 Arendal, Norway

Bård Bertelsen is a psychologist specializing in clinical family psychology and clinical psychology with children and adolescents. He works at the Sørlandet Sykehus Hospital, department of child and youth mental health, and at Aust-Agder Family Therapy Centre in Arendal, Norway.

Within the mental health field, he has worked extensively with multi-family groups with marginalized families, and with collaborative processes together with families with substantial experience in meeting with professional helpers. At the Aust-Agder Family Therapy Centre, he is working as a couples and family therapist and as a family mediator. He is currently interested in social constructionist single session thetapeutic work in community settings, and in exploring how concepts and practices from action research, social anthropology and theories of education can be useful when meeting with people in different kinds of crises.

Bård is member of the editorial board of the Nordic family therapy journal “Fokus på Familien.”
On his free time, he is an enthusiastic double bass player with limited talent.

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