Ezekiel Dixon-Roman, Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania 
3701 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone: 215-687-9141
Email: ezekield@sp2.upenn.edu
Publications: http://works.bepress.com/ezekiel_dixon-roman/

Ezekiel Dixon-Román, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of social policy in the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice. His graduate training was in the social sciences and psychometrics and does work on the intersections of the sociology of education, cultural studies, and quantitative methods with critical interest in public policy. In 2012 he published (with Edmund W. Gordon) Thinking Comprehensively About Education: Spaces of Educative Possibility and their Implications for Public Policy with Routledge. He is currently completing a second book project on the discursive and double injunctive processes of inheritance tentatively titled Inheriting [Im]Possibility: Social Reproduction and the Vagaries of the Cultural World. In Inheriting [Im]Possibility he theoretically argues that inheritance is both partially determining and incalculable and, as such, demonstrates the importance of placing the knowledge produced from multiple methods in conversation and tension with each other in order to produce a more rich, textured, and complicated understanding of social reproduction. Ezekiel has also begun a third book project engaging critical questions pertaining to the epistemological foundations of measurement tentatively titled Measurement, Culture & Society. He has published in top journals such as The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Teachers College Record, and Urban Education and presented at the American Educational Research Association, the American Sociological Association, the American Public Health Association, and the American Academy of Religion among other professional conferences.

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