Alexander J.J.A. Maas, Ph.D.

RSM / Erasmus University Rotterdam

Contact address:
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, Room T08-14
NL 3062 PA Rotterdam

Phone: +31 10 408 19 42

Dr. Maas holds as professor the Humanitas endowed Chair in Humanising of Care at the University for Humanistics (UvH) in Utrecht (Netherlands). Besides, he is Associate Professor of Organizational Change and Social Integration at the Rotterdam School of Management of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (RSM/EUR, Netherlands).

Alexander did his BA Sociology in Tilburg, his MSc. Business Administration in Delft, and his PhD in Organization Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has published and (co-) edited a dozen of books (in Dutch) and articles, in English as well as in Dutch journals, in the fields of Organization Studies and Change Studies. Social constructionism, organizational theory, change theory are his primary research interests.

His current research and practice interest include storytelling, and changes & innovations in the life and care of older people. Besides, Alexander is an active member of MOPAN, the international research forum for multi organizational partnerships and networks. He love to teach in various graduate (Business Administration, Change) and post-graduate programs (Information Documentation Management, Public Controlling, and Executive Change Management). His (MA) course titles of interest are: Theories on Change – Differences and Similarities, Cross-Cultural Management Euro-India Relationships (at EUR), Introduction to Organization, Change & Intervention (at UvH). He is and has been active as consultant, reflective practitioner as well as mediator in actual change processes in the public and private domain in the Netherlands. Finally, Alexander has three wonderful children (Stephanie, Robin-Paul and Alexander jr.) and is married to Kitty de Hey.