Martha Estima Scodro

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Rua Igarapava 90/601, Leblon
Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22450-200

Tel: + 55 21 99173-7989,, 
Twitter: @mareseditora 

Martha Scodro is a Clinical Psychologist, Specialist in Family Therapy, work psychology, social projects, and social construction and professional practices. 

Scodro received her psychology degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and is trained as a Family Therapist from the Rio de Janeiro Family Institute (ITF/RJ). Her specialty degrees are from the Pontificia Universidade Católica in Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RIO) and The Taos Institute.

Scodro currently works in her family business, which inspired her to get the International Diploma in Social Construction and Professional Practice from the Taos Institute on the topic: A Study of Women in Family Businesses: Constructing the Role of Chief Emotional Officer. (2021)

Before focusing on this research, Scodro worked alongside her partner on an independent project, Turning 50: a study of women’s reflections about life in their fifties, which investigated “What does this mean for women? How well do women grasp the significance of a new and extended life outlook?”. The research became a book, Festina Lente – make haste slowly (2019) and became a digital platform ( to discuss longevity and lifelong-learning, focusing on women. 

Scodro was President and Member of the Board at Brazil Child Health, an award-winning Brazilian non-profit organization that assists hospitalized children and their families who live below the poverty level. During that time, she was responsible for public policy, family support, volunteer resources, among other areas. 

Prior to this experience, Scodro held a private practice as a child psychologist.

She is a member of the Athena Leadership Council at Athena Center for Leadership at Barnard University in New York City, dedicated to the advancement of inspired and courageous women leaders worldwide.

Martha is also a passionate writer and a photographer.