Fabienne Kuenzli-Monard, Ph.D.

Institute of Reflexive Practices
Ch. de Pestalozzi 16
1112 Echichens
Phone: 0041 21 802 08 68
Marterey 1, 1001 Lausanne

Email: fk@reflexivepractices.com
Web: www.reflexivepractices.com

She has lived , worked and studied for 12 years in California. She has published both in English and in French. Recently, (2006) she published her first book: Inviting reflexivity into the therapy room : How therapists think in practice ? University Press of America. Fabienne has been known as a voracious learner and a person of passion. Even in California, some thought she was a little “hyper”, she joyfully took this compliment that also suits who she can be.

Fabienne has been trained since 1993 to the practices of the socio-constructionist ideas applied to clinical setting and has loved this continual challenge in her life. She has worked for 6 years in the most challenging contexts of Los Angeles area and likes to defy the ideas of “difficult or impossible situations”. She has a background in Family Therapy and more specifically, Narrative Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy and the inspiring ideas of Harlene Anderson. She has trained at the Erickson Institute in Phoenix and admires the work of Erickson. She and her beloved husband André created last year their own institute: Institute of Reflexive Practices. She is interested in building theories of practice that applies to the constant transformation of each evolving alliance and responding to ethics-in-practice and a need of a clear and constant positioning of the clinician. The interstice of psychotherapy process research and its necessary relationship to practice is at the heart of her interest. Fabienne Kuenzli has a doctorate from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. She is a licensed practitioner both in Switzerland and in California. Dr. Kuenzli teaches in different setting (universities and other setting) and works in private practice.

She is a wife and a mother and enjoys walking in the mountains, swimming, running and yoga. She enjoys many other things but the clock has only 24 hours.