Makiko Kishi, Ph.D.

Learning Designer and Community Organizer
Tokyo, Japan

Makiko Kishi, Ph.D. is a learning designer (designing a learning environment using ICTs) and community organizer. With the experience of media production at a news department after graduating from university, she worked at the educational development center of UNRWA (United Nation Relief and Work Agency) in Syria as an international volunteer for two years. She started various kinds of collaborative projects such as creating music, book, wall painting, etc. for/with Palestinian refugees students by connecting people in the world through the Internet. After the volunteer work in Syria, she started to organize UNRWA teachers’ professional development communities -so called, Lesson Study- with UNRWA in Syria. After the conflict began in Syria, she began to work with teachers, social workers, and local/international NGOs that support refugees evacuated from Syria to Jordan and Turkey to the present. See more detail at