Harlene Anderson Videos

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Relationships and Conversations in Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring 

Harlene Anderson

Narativ in dialogue with Harlene Anderson and John Shotter 

Harlene Anderson in Conversation: Transforming “Withness” Relationships & Conversations
Harlene is interviewed by Saliha Bava at the 2012 International Summer Institute in Playa del Carmen.

Harlene Anderson discussing Conversational Questions 
A conversation with Chris Kinman.

Story Ball: Engaging the Other in Collaborative Relationships and Dialogical Conversations
Harlene uses a “Story ball” metaphor to talk about how to invite and engage the other into a mutual or shared inquiry.

Harlene Anderson Discussing Not-Knowing
A Conversation with Chris Kinman.

Harlene Anderson shares brief thoughts on Collaborative Learning Communities

Harlene Anderson: The Philosophical Stance: A Way of Practicing 
The philosophical stance is a way of being in the world: a way of talking with, acting with, responding with and thinking with the people we meet in our professional practices


Collaborative Relationships and Dialogic Conversations 
A brief story of a platform for transformation 

Not Knowing by Harlene Anderson 
In this video Harlene Anderson speaks about the “Not Knowing” position, a central idea in collaborative therapy. This was a short video made during her visit to Kanankil in October 2010.