Rev. Cody J. Sanders, Ph.D.

Pastor, Old Cambridge Baptist Church 
American Baptist Chaplain, Harvard University 
1151 Massachusetts Avenue 
Cambridge, MA 02138 

Phone: 617-864-9275 ext 201 
Old Cambridge Baptist Church: 
Harvard Chaplaincy: 
MIT Office of Religious, Spiritual & Ethical Life, LGBTQ+ Affairs:
Cody is an ordained Baptist minister and pastoral theologian who works in both community and academic settings, serving as pastor to a congregation, by cultivating the religious, spiritual, and ethical life in two institutes of higher education, and through researching, writing, and teaching in theological higher education. His work has most often addressed the intersection of religion and embodiments of human difference and he holds a particular interest in queer theory and theology and the cultivation of care with LGBTQIA people.

Current projects include:

  • Christianity, LGBTQ Suicide, and the Souls of Queer Folk is a manuscript forthcoming from Lexington Books that addresses the role that religious, spiritual, and theological narratives play in constructing a sense of self for LGBTQ people leading to suicide attempt. Taking a narrative approach to qualitative interview material from LGBTQ individuals who survived their suicide attempts, it assesses how theological narratives can operate violently upon the souls of LGBTQ people in ways that make life precarious and, at time, seem unlivable. Ultimately, the project draws upon the interview material to move toward constructive methods of contributing to the resistance and resilience of queer souls in relation to soul violence, asking how we can intervene with practices of care in order to cultivate livability of life for queer people.
  • “A Practical Theology of Corpse Care” – A project funded by the Louisville Institute undertaken by a multidisciplinary collaborative inquiry team. How we think theologically about our bodies when they die in light of the economic and ecological justice critiques should lead to emerging practices of death care among faith communities, from care for the dead body itself, to practices of burial and other emerging methods of disposition, to means of memorialization.

Cody J. Sanders, Ph.D. Files & Links

Selected Articles:
Sanders, C.J. (2019). Mor(t)al remains: Pastoral theology & corpse care. Journal of Pastoral Theology 29(2), 116-131.
Sanders, C. J. (2013). Preaching messages we never intended: LGBTIQ-based microaggressions in classroom and pulpit. Theology & Sexuality, 19(1), 21-35.
Sanders, C. J. (2013). Dying to believe or dying to belief? Systemic violence and the possibilities of constructive nihilism in pastoral theology. Pastoral Psychology, 63(4), 437-452.
Sanders, C. J. (2012). Queer shifts in therapy: Appropriating queer theory in pastoral counseling. Sacred Spaces: The E-Journal of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, 4, 94-127.
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